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Caye International Bank Named Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America for 2019

After Caye International Bank was named the Most Outstanding Offshore Bank in Central America in 2018, Wealth and Finance International has now ranked it as the Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America in 2019. This great news has been featured in Yahoo! Finance.

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Elegant, Luxurious, and Classic: The Marriott at Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is the largest and one of the most exquisite islands of Belize. Easily accessible and offering temperate weather throughout the year as well as gorgeous coastlines, Ambergris Caye is a mecca for fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling enthusiasts. The island has largely remained off the tourist grid, but this is about to change.

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Mate Culture in Argentina

One of the best parts of traveling to a new country is learning about the different traditions, customs, and popular activities. In Argentina, the ritual of mate, a caffeine rich tea, is one of the most important cultural activities that you can partake in.

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Exploring Southern Belize

Life on an island is great, but sometimes it can feel small and you need to venture off of it. Luckily, the mainland of Belize has so much to offer travelers, and because of the country’s small size, it is easy and quick to get from one place to the next.

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Introducing the New Belize Symphony Orchestra Project

Something new is coming to Belize. The Belize Academy of the Performing Arts (BAPA), currently under development, is going to transform the culture scene in Belize.

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Wildlife of Nicaragua Coin Series Features the Three-Toed Sloth

The three-toed sloth made the final cut in the second coin issued by The Banco Central de Nicaragua. The first was the jaguar. This is part of their ongoing collector coin series entitled “Wildlife of Nicaragua,” which was launched last April and have been “wildly” popular, as you can imagine.

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The Beautiful Ocelot of Nicaragua

The beautiful ocelot is one of Nicaragua’s amazing wildcats. Medium-sized and solitary, this cool cat is such a fascinating and distinctive creature that last October, the Nicaraguan Central Bank showcased the Ocelot as the fourth coin in the wildly popular “Wildlife of Nicaragua” coin collector series.

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Dear Friend,

I want to start with a big and hearty “Congratulations” on a terrific job to our friends at Caye International Bank, Ambergris Caye. Wealth and Finance International has ranked them as “Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America for 2019”. Fine and exceptional work from fine and exceptional people.

For those of you who enjoy luxury accommodations at home and when you travel abroad, you’ll surely want to stay in the know of the fantastic Belize Marriott Resort coming to Ambergris Caye in early 2021. It is the goal of ECI Development to create an inspiring community that will nurture one’s soul while remaining faithful to our mission of preserving the island’s fragile ecosystems.

There are many aspects to appreciate and look forward to when traveling to a new country. In Argentina, one of the most important cultural activities that a visitor can partake in is the ritual of mate, a bold and robust caffeine rich tea.

Next time you visit Belize and want to try something different, why not take the opportunity to explore the mainland like Betsy and Rachel did on their way to a TEDx event in Belmopan, Belize’s capital city. It was a long, lively weekend for these two ladies.

The cultural scene in Belize is about to undergo an exciting change. The Belize Academy of Performing Arts, which is currently under development, is going to transform the culture scene by creating the New Belize Symphony Orchestra Project. Many thanks go out to the efforts of Governor-General Sir Colville Young, Caye International Bank Chairman Joel Nagel, and world renowned musician Peter Illavsky, who will manage the academy and help put Belize on the map of countries in the world who have professional symphony orchestras.

Last year, the Banco Central de Nicaragua launched a four-coin collector series entitled the “Wildlife of Nicaragua.” As you can imagine, this series has been extremely popular. Two of the remarkable fauna who are featured in this series are the three-toed sloth and the ocelot. Very intriguing indeed!

Until next year,

” ECI is just a solid, wholesome company. You meet the founders, and the people, and they’re just happy. You know anything Mike Cobb tells you, you can take to the bank. It’s like your brother telling you, or even better. This is my first trip to Gran Pacifica, and it just feels like home the moment you get here. Very comfortable, just like old time United States. It has the sense of community that people lost in the US, and I think that’s the most important thing. You really can’t put a dollar value on it, but you know it when you see it, and it’s here.

Coming from a construction background, I can see that everything here is built to last, and there are a lot of little details that were thought of. Looking at the growth here, it really seems to be a solid investment, and it’s also just such a great atmosphere. It’s hard to put words to. It’s really the whole mix of things, trustworthy, common sense people, great climate, real community, and sensible growth. Mike Cobb is a person with a dream, and he’s really making that dream happen here. That’s something you don’t find every day.”

John Fultz, ECI Shareholder