Improve Your Quality of Living Even in Retirement

The Retirement Dilemma

An Ernst and Young study predicts that many new retirees in the next few years are in danger of outliving their assets if they continue with their pre-retirement lifestyle and that they will need to make serious downgrades in material quality of life if they are to cope financially. The study suggests that almost 3 out of 5 people will need to reduce their cost of living by a significant amount – on average 24%.

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In addition to the Ernst and Young study, New Global Initiatives Inc. conducted an eye-opening survey through Zogby International of 103,645 American’s studying the “flip side” of migration – migrating from “wealthier” countries to emerging markets. They concluded that the willingness to relocate to other nations is a perfectly logical stage in a “…historical process that goes back to the beginnings of human society.”

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Why should you have to spend your golden years denying yourself little luxuries after a lifetime of working hard, saving and planning? This is the time you should be enjoying life, now that you actually have time.

North American Quality at Latin American Prices

One solution that a growing number of retirees are considering is to move somewhere where the cost of living is lower, somewhere where you can afford to enjoy your retirement without having to worry whether you can afford the golf club membership this year, or whether a massage and yoga three times a week is really just not financially responsible.

The high-quality infrastructure and amenities of ECI communities, along with the friendly expat community and the natural beauty and variety of the landscapes and environments make owning in an ECI community a natural decision.

A Community to Call Home

You don’t have to be near retirement age to consider living or investing in an ECI development. Get in early — buy now and rent the property out, using it as a holiday home for yourself and your family and then retire or resell in 20 years.

Why Wait?

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