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Ivan Levy

Ivan Levy

Ivan Levy joins the team as the Sales & Marketing Manager for ECI Development; bringing with him several years of experience working in the hospitality industry & several high-end resorts in Belize. Over the past few years, Ivan has served in management and director positions with top tier properties in Belize which gave him the opportunity to fall in love with the tourism world and fostered a deep passion for growing the Hospitality Industry and Tourism sector of his home country, Belize.

Ivan has worked with several resorts and rental properties in Belize to design, implement & establish new marketing and operations strategies as well as introduce & launch new product lines and small or medium-sized resort properties. Ivan has a proven track record of growing sales & rental revenue year over year, retaining existing partners and customers through tailored outreach and collaboration on sales & promotions, as well as increasing and managing sales pipelines totaling upwards of US$10M per year.

Ivan is fluent in Spanish & English and hopes to become fluent in Portuguese, Hindi, Russian and French one day. When not researching the next big thing in the digital marketing world, Ivan enjoys reading Dan Brown novels, tinkering with web development and practicing some yoga.

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