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Modern & Eco-Friendly Tiny Homes

Located within the beautiful Gran Pacifica Resort, EVA is a riverside, tiny home community, just a two-minute walk from the renowned Asuchillo surf beach. These off‑the‑grid tiny homes are fitted with grey-water recycling that waters your garden, smart home technology and green roofs.

Swim in the ocean just steps from your backyard in the beautiful warm waters of the Asuchillo beach. Kayak or paddle-board in the Icaco River that runs into the Pacific! Surf from your backyard at the beautiful Asuchillo surf beach. A forgiving sand bottom beach with both left and right breaks. Or travel a 5-minute drive away to the Meatgrinder’s reef break for a larger more aggressive wave.


  • Surfing: Be in the water within minutes of walking out your door.
  • Enjoying Community: With a beautiful common area in your backyard and plenty of activities around Gran Pacifica, you’ll never find yourself without something to do.
  • Sustainable Living: Grow your own fruits and vegetables, reduce your reliance on the system
  • Freedom: When you live self sustainably and remove massive mortgages from your life, you can enjoy what matters.
  • Grey Water Recycling: The homes are set up to reuse the water from your sink and shower to water your garden. Just another way to make them more efficient

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