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Gran Zonte

Be Part of an Economic Revolution

El Salvador has the distinction of being the smallest country in Central America, as well as the only one without a Caribbean Sea coastline. With a mild tropical climate, scenic landscapes and stunning Pacific beaches in abundance, this tiny country attracts adventurous visitors, especially those seeking world-class surfing at its many black-sand beaches. Uncrowded surf spots and communities are especially appealing, and El Salvador has them in abundance.

With two official currencies now accepted in El Salvador: the US Dollar and Bitcoin, the country has opened up its investment market significantly and the potential for growth is unlimited. Located just 30 minutes from San Salvador, the Pacific coast is one of the major tourism assets of the country, and it is in this location that the Gran Zonte Community will be built.

About Gran Zonte

Gran Zonte is a planned eco-sensible and sustainable tourism village in El Zonte, La Libertad. If the name El Zonte isn’t quite familiar, you may have heard it called by a different name: Bitcoin Beach. As the inspiration for the legalization of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, this tiny surfside town El Zonte has been catapulted into the spotlight. 

ECI Development has partnered with Mike Peterson, Godfather of Bitcoin Beach, to create a community that will include Product X. This stunning Tiny Home development is designed to provide sweeping views of the Pacific in an eco-chic, vibrant setting.

Why Tiny Homes at Gran Zonte?

  • A growing tourism destination
  • Spectacular views of the Pacific
  • 45 minutes from the Capital City
  • Surfing right off the coast!
  • Hybrid solar, wind and grid powered tiny homes
  • Organic food grown on site

Gran Zonte


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