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Superintendent of Construction / Belize

About the job

ECI Development, Ltd. is recruiting for the position(s) of Superintendent of Construction / Belize

About ECI Development,

ECI Development delivers affordable luxury residence and resort communities in Central America, providing our clients with various premier lifestyle options. Everything from the Caribbean to the Pacific, from the cool tropical highlands, to dry valley vineyards. ECI delivers inspired residences for adventurous souls.

The construction supervisor must be capable of executing the following duties:

  1. Ensure compliance with the construction contract, technical specifications and construction plans during the execution of the works, thus guaranteeing its quality.
  2. Ensure that the works are carried out in accordance with what is specified in the construction plans and technical specifications and with the quality stipulated in the contract signed with the contractor and / or the final client.
  3. Attend pre-construction and coordination meetings with the owner and general management, related to the development of each project.
  4. Verify the use and quality of the materials that will be used in the works.
  5. In the case of subcontracted works, review the physical and financial schedule that the contractor must present at the beginning of the execution of the work, adjusting to the term stipulated in his contract. For this purpose, he will work in communication with the contractor and must know in detail his legal obligations.
  6. Observe, approve, or reject work procedures on site, continuously inspecting to identify specific problems that need urgent solutions.
  7. Determine if the physical-financial progress reports presented by the contractor to the owner correspond to the state of development of the work.
  8. Promote the opening of the log of each project in which the persons authorized by each of the parties who will have access to write official notifications must be registered. In the log all the information about the project will be detailed, noting the main activities carried out and any problems raised during construction, likewise, all those circumstances that at a certain moment may modify the amounts or contractually agreed terms must be noted in detail.
  9. At the end of each project, the project log will be removed and subsequently sent to general management.
  10. Review, approve, modify, or reject, as the case may be, and certify the payment requests of Contractors, keeping control of the accumulated values, the approved deductions, the fines, if any, disbursements, as well as the validity of the warranties extended by these. The supervisor will generate the final estimate, sign it and finally the contractor will present it, with his progress report.
  11. Participate in the resolution of conflicts that may arise between the contractor and the owner, during the execution of the work.
  12. Assist in the adoption of solutions to problems that arise in relation to the works, whether technical, administrative, supply of materials or of any other nature, as well as in adjustments to the projects, specifications or contracts that are the reason for the plays.
  13. Judge within a reasonable time, claims, disagreements, and other matters related to the execution or progress of the work or the interpretation of the contract.
  14. Take photographs of important aspects of the work, both general and, especially those that may generate claims from one party or another and submit biweekly reports which will include such photographs and will be sent via email.
  15. Verify, prior to receiving the works, that all the works contemplated have been carried out with the proper quality and safety.
  16. Direct the processes of reception of the works both in substance and definitive, in the realization of the corresponding settlements and in the drafting and signing of the corresponding reception certificates.
  17. Review and approve the preparation of the final “As built” plans, where the modifications that have been submitted to the original project are recorded in the completed work plans, prepared by the contractor when applicable, which must be delivered to the owner in accordance with the term established in the contractual documents. The Supervisor must participate in the preparation of the plans as “As built”, of the internal works carried out by the construction division.
  18. Manage project procurement and project materials inventory

Must have these qualifications

  1. Civil Engineer or Architect
  2. Bilingual English/Spanish (spoken and written)
  3. AutoCAD, Sketchup, Office suite. Revit a plus
  4. Preparation of budgets and construction appraisals
  5. Experience in supervision of horizontal and vertical works
  6. Preparation of physical schedule
  7. Preparation of financial schedules
  8. Interpretation of plans and technical specifications and any other document needed for a correct execution of the projects
  9. Preparation, administration and supervision of subcontracts
  10. Management and supervision of personnel (assigned work crew)
  11. Availability to work in Ambergirs Caye, San Pedro, Belize. 
  12. Immediate Availability a plus
  13. Experience managing more than one worksite at a time


USD$2,250 Monthly