ECI Development Ltd:
The Sun City of Latin America

Create Value Through Socially Responsible Development

ECI Development is a real estate developer working in Central and Latin America creating people-centered, vibrant communities. We create value through socially responsible development of properties.

Build Modern Resorts with a Traditional Sense of Community


With an experienced leadership and partners, we build technologically modern resorts which are designed to encourage a traditional sense of living together.

A Pioneering Vision

The most successful retirement community brand in North America began as a vision. The developer wanted to provide real community to active senior adults, and wanted to let individuals decide what part of the United States made the most sense for their retirement.

This is the Sun City brand, which developed its communities along the coasts of Florida and California, the Piedmonts of the east, and the deserts of Arizona. They knew how to build the services and amenities that everyone wanted and then offered clients the option to choose what type of climate and environment suited their needs and wants best. Their success has been unparalleled in the industry.

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Extending the Vision to Latin America

ECI Development is extending the Sun City concept one step further by creating a range of investment properties for those searching for second homes, condos or retirement property in Latin America. The recent world economic downturn and the loss of vast sums of wealth in retirement accounts is pushing baby boomers and retirees to explore ways of lowering their cost of living without reducing their quality of life.

Our Market Advantage

By maintaining North American building and development standards, living south of the border can provide the lifestyle North Americans desire for far less than it normally costs in the US or Canada, as the cost of living is approximately half. This is ECI’s market advantage.

Headquartered in Belize, with administrative offices in Nicaragua, and property currently in Belize, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, ECI's mission is to create value through socially responsible development of real estate in the Americas promoting a comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle for its partners and communities.

Creating Value Through Responsible Development

ECI is concerned about the impact that its developments have on the communities which already exist in the areas it works in and commits significant resources and service through dialogue with local civic leadership. This, coupled with our commitment to create real community for our customers, is the core value system that drives ECI’s success.

Setting New Standards for the Region

North American consumers largely take for granted the basic comforts of reliable electricity, stable water pressure, high-speed bandwidth for internet, access to top notch medical care, and quality construction. In Latin America, many developers fail to provide even these basic services, and developments are often little more than a collection of lots with limited infrastructure and few or no homes or accommodation in place.

ECI is different, however, because it delivers the infrastructure needed for the lifestyle that North Americans have come to expect. We invest up-front to provide amenities like golf, tennis and health facilities. Contractual requirements to build a home within a short period after you purchase your lot ensure that community happens quickly.

ECI delivers a high level of amenities and infrastructure, provides real product choice, and is setting new standards for the region.

One Geography Doesn´t Fit All

ECI understands that one geography doesn’t fit all clients looking for a retirement home in Latin America. Some prefer a coastal boating community, others dry, grape-growing climates, some like mountains and eternal spring, some the beach, some like to golf, others enjoy tennis.

ECI provides real choice where it matters, in location selection. This is accomplished by developing properties in the various geographies of the region. Clients will eventually be able to choose from a home along the Pacific or Caribbean coasts, in the cool tropical mountains, or in the arid, high deserts of South America.

Building Real Community

Just as Sun City did for retirees in the United States, ECI is creating standards and building real community in Latin America. Perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle, however, is community. Implementation of ECI’s master planning and design philosophies fosters real community, which is what people are looking for in this sort of development.

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