Future ECI Development Projects

A New World of Variety in Real Estate Development

Part of the attraction of the ECI brand is having a variety of locations and climates for clients to choose from. We plan to develop our portfolio of properties to include beach and marina communities on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Central America, the coffee-growing highlands of Central America and the dry, wine-producing land at the foot of the Andes mountain range in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Activity focuses include golf, surfing, horse riding, the beach lifestyle and the Caribbean marina culture.

Surf and Golf on Panama´s Pacific Coast

Panama is best know for its canal and the strong US presence in Panama over the last century has raised its profile with Americans. Panama continues to earn that reputation with a multi-billion dollar canal modernization, an excellent retiree law, top notch medical care (including only one of two international Johns Hopkins facilities), and modern infrastructure to most beach locations. The ECI community in Panama will be similar to the Gran Pacifica community with the beach and golf as the main lifestyle attractions.

The "Napa Valley" of the South, Mendoza, Argentina

A project in the Mendoza province, Argentina’s wine growing region, will capitalize on the fact that many North Americans want to live in a vineyard estate, but cannot afford the multimillion dollar price tag of California’s Napa Valley. Located in the foothills of the Andes, this high desert is a wine region with world-class production and widespread brand recognition.

An ECI community here will invoke the Italian heritage of Argentina and be based on a Tuscan hill town theme, surrounded by residential vineyard estates. Property buyers here can expect to pay 80% less than a comparable California property.

Eternal Spring in the Tropical Highlands

A tropical highlands property, most likely in the Central valley of Costa Rica or the highlands of Western Panama will provide a geography unlike any other in the region. Known for abundant coffee production, properties located at an altitude of between 3800 and 4500 feet above sea level offer residents an “eternal Spring” with night-time temperatures of 65 – 70 and daytime highs of 80 – 85 every single day of the year.

Our idea for the community to be developed here is to have a coffee plantation as a core and design homes with an alpine theme, similar to those built by German immigrants to the region in the late 1800s.