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Retirement vulnerability of new retirees

Take a look at an old (July 2008) but still very accurate report from Ernst and Young that details the dire predicament of many North American retirees. To see the bad news of the E&Y full report click here:

Ernst & Young state of retirees

Summary: The report notes that 60% of retirees face the prospect of outliving their assets if they don’t cut back on spending by about 25%. This is a very serious situation and the E&Y report implies that people will have to suffer. But it doesn't have to go down this way.

The wonderful paradox is that you can have a higher quality of life in Latin America for 20-30% less than a similar lifestyle in North America. According to AARP, 500,000 US retirees already live outside the US. There are some very good reasons why. Visit for the good news.

Mike Cobb

Written by Mike Cobb

With proven experience in international real estate development, Mike Cobb is a time-tested Industry Sage, expert and entrepreneur with a passion for helping consumers achieve a high-quality retirement.

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