Associates and Partners

Urban Design Associates (UDA), landscape firm

In the course of their 39 year history, Urban Design Associates has completed over 1400 projects for clients including a number of successful waterfront communities and golf resorts, such as Disney’s Celebration Community and a new Pinehurst’s community linking golf courses #9 and #10.

The company is currently working on projects in over 30 cities through 22 states and Europe and their urban projects include resort communities, new towns, neighborhoods, and downtowns.

UDA has received over 70 awards for its work in urban design and architecture. These have included a Presidential Award for the transformation of a public housing project, two Progressive Architecture Awards for neighborhoods, four National AIA Honor Awards, and several national HUD Awards for Downtown work as well as neighborhood efforts. UDA’s work is published regularly in various journals, and Norton Books has recently published The Urban Design Handbook, by Urban Design Associates.

Zürcher Arquitectos S.A, Architect

Founded in 1978, Zürcher Arquitectos S.A. now employs more than 50 architects, engineers, technicians and other staff. Zürcher’s work includes the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel and Costa Rica Courtyard Marriott (both built by our Construction Management Firm Gálvez & Volio). The success of these hotel projects has strengthened Zürcher’s reputation as a world-class architect. Zürcher’s knowledge of the quality standards demanded by Marriott Hotel International, coupled with his recognized expertise in Central America’s historical architectural traditions, make him the right choice for the design of the Gran Pacifica Marriott Hotel.

Llansa Ingenieros, S.A., Engineering and Construction

Llansa Ingenieros, S.A., a Nicaraguan Construction Company, began its activities in 1969. Since then it has been in the construction business continuously, performing a wide range of construction projects. It has affiliated companies that it works with in foreign countries.

They have performed jobs in all fields of construction, including: roads, bridges, industrial complexes, hospitals and health centers, hydro sanitary work, storage tanks, sports centers, hotels, houses, offices, rehabilitation and restoration of buildings, tunnels, dams and hydraulic work. Their reputation for finishing projects on schedule is based on the incorporation of advanced technology, an advanced organization system and a large production capacity.

ECI is involved in the following service providers:

Pacifica Golf Associates, S.A. is a joint venture project between Gran Pacifica Resort (GPR) and Tommy Haugen of Pacifica Golf Associates.

San Diego Telecom, S.A., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gran Pacifica that provides the cable TV and internet services to property owners inside the Gran Pacifica development. This was a logical extension of our company since we installed and own the fiber and head end infrastructure and are required to provide these services to owners. The head end system also has the capability to provide remote access control for other projects both inside and outside of the Gran Pacifica community. It is likely that San Diego Telecom will become the central provider for telecom services to many of the ECI business units throughout the region except where precluded by country regulations.

San Diego Water Services, S.A., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gran Pacifica that is supplying water and sewer services to the residents and tenants of Gran Pacifica. It is a licensed utility.

Pacifica Systems Integration, S.A. is a joint venture with Michael Hanyecz and Andras Tassy-Becz, security and home entertainment specialists. Services include home security and monitoring services for owners, as well as medical and fire alerts when requested by clients. Additionally, home theatre systems and complete entertainment packages are available as hard wired systems into all Gran Pacifica homes and condos to meet the ever growing demand for these amenities.

ECI Development is committed to working in joint ventures wherever possible, using the talents and efforts of our joint venture partners to provide a greater number and level of services to our customers and residents.