Living in an ECI Resort Community

Change Your Reality

The problem with great holidays is that they end and you have to go back to reality. But if you move to an ECI community you can change your reality and live the sort of life you never thought you could have.

Of course, you won’t be permanently living on vacation with all the inconveniences that can bring! Instead you will live in your own home, develop your own rhythms of life and enjoy relationships with your like-minded expat neighbors. It won’t be a “home away from home”. It will be home.

Affordable Luxury

girlshorsesBut of course it’s not quite the same: due to the lower cost of living you will be able to afford comforts and pastimes that won’t be an option if you stay in the USA. In Latin America it is normal for the middle class to have a maid to do their cleaning, washing, ironing and food shopping.

You can afford this as well as the little "extras" like regular massages, yoga, golf, dining and horseback riding. Living in an ECI community makes luxury affordable.

Cultural Tourism at a Stone’s Throw from Home

baymenbeachECI communities give you a great base for national and international tourism and cultural exploration in Central and South America as well as offering opportunities for surfing, horseback riding, boating, golfing and fishing.

Your life can become so much richer by living the expat lifestyle in an ECI community. Your new reality will be just like home, but with a maid and the ocean as your neighbor.

Discover the advantages of living in an ECI community! Visit Grand Baymen or Gran Pacifica on an all-inclusive “Discover Tour”. Book your trip today!