Grand Caribbean Development in Limon, Costa Rica

Project Concept

Located 12 miles north of the city of Limón, the major port on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the Gran Caribbean resort has 1100 acres on 3 km of Caribbean beachfront as well as a total of 7 km of deep water canal and river frontage. The canal, which was dug by the United Fruit Company in the 1950s, allows for development of marina and canal lots, substantially increasing the value of the property.

Unique, Untouched Caribbean Potential

macawUntil now, the major real estate and tourism projects in Costa Rica have been located on the Pacific coast especially in the Guanacaste region, which has predictably led to high prices, driving many Baby Boomer investors and buyers out of this market.

The Caribbean coast, long ignored, is now receiving serious attention, both from developers and from the Costa Rican Government as the new growth area for tourism. The Puerto Limón airport has been expanded and upgraded to accommodate jet aircraft and has facilities for international flights, including customs and immigration clearance. This airport is 25 minutes from the Gran Caribbean property, making Gran Caribbean a prime location to draw international travelers interested in the region’s unique wildlife.

Marina Development in a Key Location

We plan to develop a marina project around the canal, taking advantage of the fact that it is close to Miami. Costa Rica is located outside the historic hurricane belt, which makes it an attractive option for hurricane season docking.

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