The 15 Questions You Should Ask When You Buy Properties Overseas

Question #1 "Is there year-round access to the property? What is the drive time from shopping, dinning, and the airport?"

Question #2 "What Road and public infraestructure exists? Does the current infraestructure include underground utilities, paved streets and sidewalks?"

Question #3 "Is there enough fresh water and water pressure?"

Question #4 "Is the house or condominium plumbed with hot water?"

Question #5 "How far is it to major medical care? How long in dry season? Rainy season?"

Question #6 "Is there a building requirement of any kind? What kind of construction and design standards are in place and enforceable?"

Question #7 "Are there amenities for use by owners and visitors? "

Question #8 " Are there state-of-the-art telecommunications or fiber optics for fast and reliable worldwide communications?"

Question #9 "What about the Home Owner`s Association? Are the fees high enough to cover maintenance of existing and planned infraestructure?"

Question #10 "What about green belts common areas and the future of the development?"

Question #11 "How will you build your home thousands of mile away? Who can oversee the construction of the home, and what is included?"

Question #12 "Is the Development Company financially solid and do they have a record of success? Is financing available for Property Ownership? "

Question #13 "Is there central sewer system? "

Question #14 "What about safety and security access?"

Question #15 "What kind of the guarantee can be provided?"